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Worldwide Sanatana Dharma Community
Yogis for Peace
Calendar Veda Loka
23 April
2024 year

5121 years of Kali Yuga,
28th Mahayuga
7th Manvantara
The era of Manu Vaivasvata
boar Kalpa
first day of 51 years
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Worldwide Sanatana Dharma Community / Ashram is a base in sadhana
Ashram is a base in sadhana

Ashrams are home to sadhu-sannyasis, who have permanently renounced the world and those who aspire to become sannyasi-brahmacharis in the future. Ashrams are visited by lay spiritual seekers, as well as by brahmachari seekers and karma-sannyasi (those who have taken the path of renunciation in secular life). Sometimes ashrams are visited by spiritual seekers-sadhus or even saints, teachers of other ashrams, traditions and schools, and then after the traditional ritual of welcoming the guests, offering garlands and refreshments, a leisurely conversation about spiritual life, philosophy, saints, the fate of the world and mankind is held. A seeker-disciple's soul passes their very important lessons in the spiritual life - purity, faith, devotion, karma-yoga, philosophy, concentration, meditation, service for the sake of Dharma and mankind, renunciation of ego desires, and the tranquility of mind.

All those living in ashrams follow special rules - yama-niyama, taking into account the difference in status and obligations (vrata), some for life and some only for the time of living in the ashram.

Ashram, in pure vision, is a mandala of divine energies, "svanvit-devata-chakra", future enlightened sages are born and nurtured from it. The ashram is the "vidya"-the manifested body of your chosen deity, the saints of the parampara and sampradaya, (the tree of refuge) and the mula-guru-acharya.

All sadhus living in the ashram, doing seva, are the servants of the Divine will, the will that enlightens and liberates the souls lost in sansara from ignorance and suffering. Ashram is embodied Anugraha, Divine Grace that gives freedom to a soul and takes the form of a place where the sangha gathers, where they live and serve the Dharma and their guru sadhus.

Those who are on the spiritual path should always honor ashram, lean on it as a manifested body, and the ashram will bless them.

Sometimes ashrams are visited in the subtle body by famous holy sages who lived in past eras, or even by gods, to instruct in subtle body or to give darshan, their blessings.

Those who strive for awakening, for liberation from the constraints and morasses, maya witchcraft, create ashrams, support ashrams, serve the Divine energies in ashrams, live and practice in ashrams at least for some time, and you will see the beneficial fruits of such a life....

Ashram is a base in sadhana

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