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Worldwide Sanatana Dharma Community
Yogis for Peace
Calendar Veda Loka
23 April
2024 year

5121 years of Kali Yuga,
28th Mahayuga
7th Manvantara
The era of Manu Vaivasvata
boar Kalpa
first day of 51 years
of the great
Universal enlightenment

Universal Enlightenment Movement (Arruppadai)

According to the Siddhas, the reason for the existence of illusions in our lives is not only personal, it is also collective. After all, a person is a part of something larger – the whole of humanity.

What keeps us in Samsara? The magic of collective installations. The external world is such because our consciousness is such. We have been taught to see the world as we see it now. But we can change that.

The world around us is nothing but a collective visualization, the result of past mental imprints, a kind of collective agreement, convention.

We have a common karmic vision that forces us to be mortal people. The world will change if we conclude a new "collective agreement" and find a "pure" vision, where there is no old age, suffering and death, but there is eternal life, immortality, infinity, freedom, greatness, beauty and harmony.

The present man is a transitional being on the way to God-manhood. Humanity today is a bridge on the path to God-manhood. By changing ourselves with the help of the teachings of Laya Yoga, we will change the world. Freeing ourselves from illusions, clearing the mind, discovering the infinite in ourselves, we will discover a new world – a mandala of a pure dimension, a “pure land”, where life is eternal, endless, where harmony, beauty, love reigns, where the sacred vision of the world is normal, where greatness, holiness, divinity, purity, transcendence, globality, mystery, infinity, play are inherent in everyone.

Swami Vishnudevananda Giri (Swami Vishnu Dev)

Now the relative situation in the Sanatana Dharma community in the CIS is such that quite a few people are seriously interested in the teachings of Laya Yoga. Many are trying to do the practices they received on retreats. However, it is very important not to lose sight of the fact that any teaching makes sense, really works and gives real results only in the context of transmission. If this context does not exist, then the teaching does not work.

What does the principle of "transfer" mean? This means that you should establish a permanent deep spiritual connection with the teacher and those people and structures that represent him. Having established such a connection, we must cherish it and constantly deepen it, that is, cherish this connection as something valuable.

The principle of the spiritual sacred connection between teacher and student presupposes active cooperation of both parties. Not only the teacher manifests himself by teaching, but the student also actively manifests himself, giving signs to the teacher that the connection has been established, that it is working, that “the process has begun”.

Many students understand this. In order to teach further, the Master needs to see, know, feel, what is very important for a student of Laya Yoga, that it is as precious for him as it is for himself, that his words and instructions work, applied in real life and not just in seminars.

The masters of martial arts, the siddhis of antiquity, taught in this way, that is, the learning process was reduced not only to the transfer of technical skills, but also to something more. The master not only gave the student knowledge, but also introduced him to a different dimension of life, led him through trials, helped to temper the will, find the emptiness of the heart, detachment and find oneself.

It is clear that when there are many students and they live at a great distance from the teacher, this is not easy. Nevertheless, the Teacher is constantly trying to draw the attention of students and candidates to the importance of spiritual connection, to the fact that a true student lives with the same concerns as the teacher himself, strives to fulfill all his instructions, that is, actively cooperate, showing presence and awareness in relation to its most important spiritual connection.

If we are aware of our choice and our destiny – the Laya Yoga of the Siddhas, the community, the teaching and the Teacher, then it is logical that we will be interested in trying to do everything in our power and even much more to justify, to realize this choice. The best way to practice is to alternate seclusion, retreats with the service of superpersonal, lofty ideals. That's how the monks live. However, often lay students do not attach any importance to this.

The spiritual practice of Laya Yoga is not only meditation within, pranayama and contemplation in solitude or retreat. It is also the transformation of external space into "pure" through contemplation in action in everyday life and service to superpersonal energies.

This is the active introduction of the principle of awareness into life, based on inner emptiness. This is a conscious opening of oneself to the superpersonal universal enlightening forces and interaction with them.

As we progress in contemplation, the outer space around us must change, because in fact the outer space is inseparable from the inner one, it is also consciousness, pure Light. This is important to understand. It is important to perform karma yoga, to learn the principles of service. With the help of service, we discover new dimensions, new spaces of “pure vision”, expand our consciousness, realize new energies coming from the space of the Universe and gain interaction with them.

A good practitioner always strives to “attract”, concentrate the energy of Enlightenment from space, saturate his environment with it, change his life with its help. Just as a lay businessman, thinking about wealth, seeks to “draw” to himself the energy of wealth, prosperity, that is, the blessing of the Goddess Lakshmi, so we should try to attract through the service the energy of “pure vision”, enlightenment, divine wisdom, blessing of gods and siddhas, purity, beauty, harmony, health, longevity, immortality, play, globality, eternity, infinity, the blessing of the Goddess Anugraha – the power of the divine self-disclosure and manifestation. Service is a kind of magical act to attract these forces from the universe. The more we call on them, the more clearly they appear in our lives, helping us.

In this regard, the Arruppadai movement was formed within the Sanatana Dharma World Community.

“Arruppadai” is an association of selfless servants and voluntary disseminators of the teachings or an association of servants of the Universal Energies of Enlightenment.

“Arruppadai” is a term of the Tamil Siddhas, meaning direction, indicating the path to Enlightenment and the “Great Transition” to the immortality of all mankind. One of the great siddhas who gave this direction was the siddha Boganathar, known in China as Bo-yang.

Many hundreds and thousands of years ago, the Siddhas made a vow to serve humanity through their own Enlightenment. "Arruppadai" means showing the path to Enlightenment for all mankind, one and all, regardless of religion, nationality, caste, faith and gender.

Siddhas, feeling love and compassion, strived for all the people of the world to find happiness, immortality and harmony. The ideal of the Siddhas is a universal transition to enlightenment on a global scale (“loka sangraha”).

It is for this purpose that the World Community of Sanatana Dharma was proclaimed and the principle of "Arruppadai" was proclaimed as the principle of service. The master appeals to lay students with a request to treat this new structure as sensitively and attentively as possible, perceive it as the manifested energy of the Siddha teachings, the energy of the Guru and the energy of Divya Loka, and take part in the activities of this association. In fact, this movement has already existed for a long time, and we are not creating anything new, that is, for several years now there are people who constantly provide significant support to the monks, the teachings, projects of Divya Loka, and there are those students who actively work for the benefit of the teachings by publishing books organizing lectures, retreats, etc.

The novelty lies in the fact that now this activity is conceptually and organizationally fully formalized, it has been given a name and it has become clear how it is possible to act both on an international scale and in local Dharma centers.

There are also two other main points to note.

The master always tries to give the teaching in such a way that the student himself makes a choice, he himself consciously comes to the conclusion about cooperation, service, etc., that is, he acts on the basis of his own awareness, on the basis of personal freedom of will and freedom of choice, and not on the basis of his specific or someone else's instructions or appeals.

Nevertheless, the Master believes that it is very important for many students to know his plans and his opinion regarding the relative activities of the community, prospects, strategies in relation to the world, society as a whole.

Many people often ask the Teacher a question: “Tell me, what exactly should I do?”

Arruppadai structure provisions are the answer to this question.

Another point concerns our immediate activities and plans. The fact is that in the plans of Divya Loka there are very deep and very important and long-term projects, which, of course, the monks with their lifestyle, routine and capabilities cannot be implemented. The implementation of these projects can bring the teaching to a level never seen before and bring great benefits to students and even to all of humanity.

I am talking about the projects: Divya Loka, Dharma Centers for the Laity, Ashram Museum of 108 Mahasiddhas, Universal Enlightenment, Great Transition, Prakrita Siddhi, 108 Temples – Unity of All Religions, "Kaya-kalpa", "Yoga Nidra", "Five steps to the immortality of all mankind", "Translations of the creations of the Siddhas", "Mahamaya", etc.

It goes without saying that they require conscious participation, a greater concentration of the intentions of many people and the attraction of large funds, serious organizational work, and cooperation.

The implementation of these projects, I think, will bring great, invaluable benefits to students. In general, I think this is understandable. If we build a good retreat center, including for dark retreats, then we can meditate in them. If we can publish texts, these texts will help to realize the path to Liberation. If the ashrams "Kaya-kalpa", "Yoga Nidra" develop, it will be possible to use them for advancement, for gaining siddhis.

The mindfulness principle does not simply mean being in some kind of amorphous passive "non-doing", feeling powerless to change anything. Mastering the natural state, the practice of mindfulness should manifest itself as a feeling, understanding that we can change the world, we can make it better using awareness and intention. After all, the world is a projection of consciousness.

To be in the presence, to enter the natural state, means to enter into unity, into the state of God the Creator, and at least slightly influence reality, by the power of one's intention – sankalpas, so that this reality becomes a little better, more harmonious, so that it becomes more beautiful, prosperous, happiness, love, purity, the wisdom of the gods and Enlightenment.

It was for this purpose that it was decided within the community of the laity to create the Arruppadai association.

The time of the new world is coming, the time of the Great Transition to a new humanity – God-manhood. We ourselves choose the world in which we will live tomorrow.

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